Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: (even more) Holiday Rockers & New Metal

🎅🏼🎄🔞This week Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 continues the Christmas Rock & Metal + New Metal, with “Holiday Rockers & New Metal Part 2!” Holiday rockers from Sin City Sinners, Rock Sugar, Lee Aaron, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Red Voodoo, Blind Guardian, Syteria and Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins among others!

Metal and Hard Rock (including TONS of new music) from CueStack (Feat. David Hasselhoff), Helix, Arion, Butcher Babies, Bad Dog Bad, Darkenside, Bona Lisa, Horror Dance Squad, Front Line Assembly, Fragments Of Sorrow, Fireflight, Chaos Doctrine plus a TON more! Regular segment “Take Cover💥” features tributes by Cowgirls From Hell, Toque, In This Moment, Metal Church, The Dirty Youth, Dead Sara, Todd La Torre and more! The ladies of rock and metal are back in “Women On Wax🚺” thanks to Avril Lavigne (Feat. Marilyn Manson), Band-Maid, Hellcats, Frantic Amber, The Nearly Deads, Once Human and Girlschool! the “Weekly Sting🐝” features a track from W.A.S.P. album “Unholy Terror!” Also lots of Classic rock, Requests and usual fun! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, December 23rd, 2020 (replayed on December 25th, 2020).

Gator’s Rockapocalypse: Slaughter, Nightwish, Amaranthe & more!

If you’re sad you missed the live edition of Gator’s Rockapocalypse, no worries, we gotcha covered right here, anytime! The gremlins are back in the studio, but we still have great Hard Rock and Metallic tunes from Slaughter, Nightwish, Butcher Babies, Demon Hunter, Amaranthe, W.A.S.P., Symphony X, Eden’s Curse, Deep Purple and much more! Time to rock out, get a few laughs, and have some fun together in this gloomy world! To be part of the show, join the chat room on Wednesday nights (6-8pm EST + Midnight-2am EST) and let’s party together! Rock on heathens, and be excellent to each other! This episode of Gator’s Rockapocalypse originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio November 18th, 2020.

Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: Both Kinds… Hard Rock & Metal!

🔞 Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 is back with BOTH kinds of music… Hard Rock & Metal! TONS of NEW songs from AC/DC, David Lee Roth, Stitched Up Heart, Rob Zombie, A Villans Neverland, Armored Saint, Butcher Babies, Chuck Norris Experiment, Sevendust, Kickin’ Valentina, Phantom Elite, Oracle Sun, Ra, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, Hydrogyn, Mors Subita, Electric High, The Dead Daisies and Boneyard!

Listener Requests for Pantera, Battle Beast, Overkill, Whitesnake, Marilyn Manson, AC/DC, Bang Tango and Alice Cooper! Plus classics, the “Weekly Sting🐝” featuring a weekly W.A.S.P. track and much much more! Join Rich in the PRR chat room (Wednesdays) or DM via Facebook Messenger Or WhatApp at! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, November 4th, 2020 (replayed on November 6th, 2020).

Belgian Metal Shredder: Slayer/Butcher Babies/Victoria K. & More (English Version)

After the previous 4 Belgian metal exclusive episodes we return to our typical format of mixing Belgian rock & metal with acts from the rest of the world. And this time we’ve got Slayer, Butcher Babies & Memories of Old put alongside Belgian talent like Speed Queen, Oceans of Sadness, Growing Horns & Signs of Algorithm! This episode of Belgian Metal Shredder On Air originally aired on Pure Rock Radio May 8th, 2020.

Belgian Metal Shredder: Slayer/Butcher Babies/Victoria K. & More (Dutch Versie)

Na de voorbije 4 exclusieve Belgische metal afleveringen keren we terug naar ons typische formaat om Belgische rock & metal te mixen met acts uit de rest van de wereld. En dit keer hebben we Slayer, Butcher Babies & Memories of Old samengevoegd met Belgisch talent zoals Speed Queen, Oceans of Sadness, Growing Horns & Signs of Algorithm! Deze aflevering van Belgian Metal Shredder werd oorspronkelijk uitgezonden op Pure Rock Radio 08 May 2020.

Meat-Hook Metal: Avatar/Power Trip/Carcass/Jinjer & more!

Welcome back to another week of hanging out in quarantine for so may! Grab a beer, pack a bowl, load up a video game, and crank up this week’s Meat-hook Metal!! Music from Gama Bomb, Avatar, Butcher Babies, Power Trip, Carcass, Slayer, Jinjer, Exhorder, Thine Eyes Bleed and more! This episode of Meat-Hook Metal originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio April 16th, 2020.

The Riff with Jack Trash: Vinny Appice

Vinny Appice, legendary drummer for Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio and Last In Line is our very special guest on today’s The Riff with Jack Trash. We’ll have new music from Jetboy and Whitesnake, plus we’ll go undercover with Jeff Scott Soto and Metallica. In addition, we play songs from our “Wall of Fame” Nominees this week, Ace Frehley, Creed, and Butcher Babies. Who wins? You decide! Don’t miss out on all the fun….C’mon all the cool kids are doing it!! This episode of The Riff with Jack Trash originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio Thursday, February 21st, 2019.