Belgian Metal Shredder: July 3rd, 2020 (English Version)

A highly varied episode featuring old-school metal, raw thrash metal, scorching death metal, upbeat power metal, bombastic symphonic metal, post-hardcore and much more! Not to mention a ton of Belgian stuff with acts like Sin Savage, Traveler, Allöchtöön, Waves of Decay & Wound Collector. This episode of Belgian Metal Shredder On Air originally aired on Pure Rock Radio July 3rd, 2020.

Belgian Metal Shredder: 03 July 2020 (Dutch Version)

Een enorm gevarieerde aflevering met old-school metal, rauwe thrash metal, verschroeiende death metal, oppeppende power metal, bombastische symphonic metal, post-hardcore en veel meer! Om nog maar te zwijgen over de berg Belgisch materiaal met acts zoals Sin Savage, Traveler, Allöchtöön, Waves of Decay & Wound Collector. Deze aflevering van Belgian Metal Shredder werd oorspronkelijk uitgezonden op Pure Rock Radio 03 July 2020.

6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca: Alex Skolnick of Testament

This week, thrash metal icon and guitarist extraordinaire Alex Skolnick joins the show and talks NEW Testament! We may talk about the second half of the Bible too. This episode of 6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio April 7th, 2020.

Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3: New Rocktober (Part One)

Rich returns after his first summer break in 20 years. To celebrate “Rocktober 2018,” it’s a full show of NEW rock and metal. New rockers from Wilson, Hespera, Into Eternity, Electric Boys, Arion, U.D.O., London, Reece, Amoriello (w/Vinny Appice), JOANovARC, Nashville Pussy, Mass, Gama Bomb, Texas Metal Outlaws, High on Fire, Daddy Rock, Axxis, Dee Snider (Live), Obsidian (Canada), Icarus Witch, Wolfheart, Primal Fear, Days To Come, Mike Tramp, Danko Jones, Metal Allegiance (w/John Bush), Skull Fist, All Against, Stoke the Fire, Blue Felix, Rise to Fall and Wrath. Plus a Chatroom REQUEST for Kobra and the Lotus from Lord Bytor! This week’s edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio October 5th, 2018.