The Riff with Jack Trash: Jeff Keith of Tesla

The Riff with Jack Trash is back today with very special guest Jeff Keith of Tesla! We talk new record, baseball walk up music, social distancing, and more. He’s one cool dude!! We’ve also got new music from Last In Line, Sammy Hagar & the Circle, Dirty Honey and Sons Of Silver, plus much more. Tune it in and turn it up!!! This episode of The Riff with Jack Trash originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio Thursday, April 2nd, 2020.

KING HESH: 30th Anniversary of DANGEROUS TOYS debut

Get your weekly 80s & early 90s metal fix with King Hesh. Three hours of bitchin’ tunes from the “Era of Hair” dudes!!! This episode another “King Hesh CD Spotlight,” Featuring the 30th anniversary of DANGEROUS TOYSself-titled debut album. Plus “Kingdom Of Hesh Premieres” from DIAMOND HEAD and SAMMY HAGAR & THE CIRCLE.

King Hesh plays DANGEROUS TOYS’ self-titled debut album in its entirety in honor of the album’s 30 year anniversary, and debuts a new track from NWOBHM pioneers DIAMOND HEAD titled ‘Belly of the Beast‘, from their upcoming new studio album “The Coffin Train.” Plus a brand new single, ‘Affirmation‘, from supergroup SAMMY HAGAR & THE CIRCLE from their first full-length album “Space Between“. A “Birthday Hesh Block” of mostly BADLANDS to commemorate late singer Ray Gillen‘s birthday [R.I.P. – died 12/01/93], and the “Triple Thrash Threat“, “Poon-Tang Playlist” and much more. Tune In! Toke Up! Rock Out! This episode of The King Hesh show originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio May 10th, 2019.