KING HESH: Vinnie Paul Tribute

Get your weekly 80s & early 90s metal fix with King Hesh. Three hours of bitchin’ tunes from the “Era of Hair” dudes!!! Due to the tragic news about the untimely death of Vinnie Paul Abbott, this episode KIng Hesh pays tribute to the drummer of Pantera, Damageplan and most recently, HellYeah. King Hesh will honor Vinnie Paul with a plethora of tunes from throughout his career on the show this week. Now that Vinnie Paul is gone along with his brother, the one and only ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, they have gone from “Cowboys From Hell” to “Cowboys In Heaven” [R.I.P. – CFH]. This episode will also include a special all-Pantera “Triple Thrash Threat” segment. Also a “Birthday Hesh Block” of Pantera tracks to celebrate frontman Philip Anselmo‘s 50th birthday and to honor Vinnie Paul. Tune In! Toke Up! Rock Out!!! This episode of The King Hesh show originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio June 29th, 2018.